Sunday, December 21, 2014

Craftroom Makeover

So I haven't been doing much mixed media recently because I have done a total makeover of my craftroom. It doubles as a guest room. 

This is the end result. But I started with brown walls and it just wasn't a very inspiring place to create. The brown is okay but made me want to sleep. Lol. 

I painted the walls Sassy Lilac and added a damask stencil using Metallic FolkArt paint. Wow! It turned out good!
I have always loved the damask print and had multiple items (bedspread, lamp, journal etc) that have the print on it so into the room everything went.

Yes, that is a spatula! I wanted the trim to be black but didn't want to ruin the carpet so I used the spatula to keep the paint off the carpet. Think outside the box. Lol!

Next I added some embroidery hoops to the wall. The hoops hold some fabric that  coordinated with the space. Easy wall art!
I did paint the hoops black before putting the fabric in it. 

I do believe that Santa is going to bring me a new craft table! The one I use bows in the middle so stamping is not fun. 

And I did "stage" these photos, meaning I cleaned everything up before taking pics. I am messy when creating. Lol!

Thank you for taking a look around and if you have any questions about organizing,  my pegboard creation, or color choice please leave a comment. 

Carpe Diem!


  1. How can I not like it - purple is my favorite color. The damask stencil just pops and really makes it a fabulous room. love it!

    1. Haha! Thanks Janine, so glad you love it. I want to be in that room all the time but of course I have to work. Merry Christmas!