Monday, June 16, 2014

Steampunk Inspired Canvas

Being inspired from watching someone's tutorial is a great way to expand your techniques and also to learn new techniques. Gabrielle (check her out HEREinspired me and made me realize I CAN DO THIS! She is amazeballs! 

I switched some aspects and enjoyed the learning process. I am not hesitant to add colors and try something new now. 

Mixed media is letting me get back into the art world after so many years away. I broke both of my arms and wasn't able to paint for a year. By the time I was done with physical therapy and healing I knew I couldn't do the painting that I had in the past. So I didn't pick up a paintbrush for 15 years. My husband gave me 2 blank canvases for my birthday in April 2014 and now I am back trying. What a journey! 

Thanks for reading and leaving your lovely comments. It brightens my day! Carpe Diem! ~€

Cheery Lynn die cuts are from Etsy-Cheerful Scrapper. One day I will have a Cuttlebug! :)


  1. Stunning! I also watch videos and learn from other artists, that is what helps the creative process sometimes. We all need inspiration every once in awhile. :p

    1. I agree with you! As long as the original artist gets acknowledged I am on board.

  2. Another beautiful Steampunk project, Niki! Wow!

    Just browsing your blog (guess why ;) and find loads of yummy textural Steampunk goodness alongside some truly enchanting mixed media makes as well. What a treat!

    Claudia x

    1. So excited you were able to stop by Claudia! And so happy you like what you see. My fingers (and toes!) are crossed. Hehehe!