Monday, September 5, 2016

Pixie Coffin or something else?

Hello lovelies! Seems like I have an adventure to tell! I was diggin up my grass to plant a new flower garden and came upon this enchanting little surprise! Do you believe in Pixies and dream about fairytales? I just might after seeing this! I call it Mortem Lectulo. In Latin this means death bed. I'll tell the story in a sec...
Today starts a new challenge at Anything But Cute and the lovely sweet Branka from Vintage Handmade is our hostess. Yippee! Our theme this month is one that many of you will enjoy: FRIENDSHIP! Yeppers! Let's celebrate those near and dear besties! Branka described the challenge as so,"Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. We want you to show us a mixed media creation that's inspired by friendship. You can create anything, from tags to art journal pages but make sure it's a mixed media piece. Let's celebrate friendship together!"

As I said my friend (Jazmin, my furry BFF or 15 years. She's a mixed breed little 8lb dog with a heart of gold!) and I were digging, she did most of the diggin, and we stumbled upon this little coffin. I couldn't wait to open it! Like Pandoras Box, I just had to! The outside was decorated with a green watchful eye and some intricate scrollwork. So cool! With baited breath I carefully opened the box. Trumpets sounded and a little pixie laugh was heard! Jaz and I looked at each other in wonder. The first thing I saw in the coffin was a little bottle with what looked like a note in it! 
I was busy taking pictures of everything to share with you all and right when I opened the coffin it started raining! Coincidence? Maybe. Anyway, I brought the note inside and tried to decipher it. Here is what I think it says:
 "My Dearest Daughter,  
As a Pixie you may encounter other
creatures that aren't like us,
and wish you harm. As King
of the Pixies, I have made these
coffins called Mortem Lectulo,
 to help protect my offspring. 
Use each potion wisely,
the sword bravely,
and trust your heart. 
Beware the ones who have
no reflection! 
If bitten, drink the large red potion
and pray. 
Go forth with honour and courage. 
Your adventure had just begun!"
Wowzers! Looks like Jaz and I found a warriors protection coffin! Weird and different but very interesting.
Here is what else was in the coffin. And who knew Pixie's spoke a bit of Latin?!
Little potion bottles, the bravely swung sword, some little wooden stakes and the scary red liquid in the larger bottle! The green fabric it all sets on feels like silk and so luxurious! You can tell she was a Princess with good taste, as was her father. Wonder where she went? Jaz chased something off when we first opened the box, wonder if it was the Princess? Guess we may never know......

After much research on this little gem I think I know how her father made it. The outside was coated with a chalky sort of paint and then a twisted citron green ink was added to the edges. The brown looking stuff has to be artisan powder! 
The scroll design looks to be coated with the citron and the powder as well. The jewel is probably a family crest with the green eyeball (maybe a dragon eye?). The inside padded top and bottom had to have been made with the help of batting and a template like this one. Notice the little notches that were cut out to help in placement of the template to make sure it fit well. Such a smart King!
Looks like these Pixies were very intelligent because the padded parts were hot glued to the top and bottom. The sword was embellished with some gems and pearls. These Pixies must be rich!
The scroll looks to have been stamped and heat embossed with a snow embossing powder and distressed by crumpling the paper and swiping DI over the entire thing.
It only makes sense for the red liquid to be a life reviving potion made from red berries know for their healing powders (today we call it chili powder ink).
The green stakes are as small as toothpicks but to a Pixie it probably fits her hand perfectly. Some people might know that these are what humans call toothpicks. :)

In conclusion, Jaz and I had a blast looking at this coffin. Just goes to show that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover or I would have maybe thought there was a dead little something in this coffin. BTW-here is a pic of my child "Jazmin". She is a rescue, a cutie pie and doesn't look like she is almost 16 years old! Aww! Loves her. 
Jaz and I wish you all a happy weekend! It is a holiday here and we are continuing with our gardening. We are making progress but this is what it looks like until tomorrow when we dig in again. Hand laying the brick edging is taking longer than I anticipated. Carpe Diem right?  

I would very much like to share this discovery with these challenges:

My furry "child" helped me find this and pixies are fun for any child! 

My fave is Jaz, chalky paints, coffins, and creating the unexpected. 

The stamping is on little scroll the King wrote. 

Fairy tales and dreams go hand in hand in my book. Pixies are magical creatures dreamt up by someone very creative and imaginative. 


  1. This may be one of the most brilliant projects I've ever seen Doc! I was absolutely mesmerized as I read the story of the Princess and the King! I was sad when I got to the end and there was no more story to read, and I found myself really wishing there was a movie version that I could pop in and watch! The eye emblem on the front is incredible, love the bright green gems the King added! The sword, the bottles, the note from the King, can't get enough of this Pixie coffin you found with Jaz! Speaking of Jaz, what an absolute dollface! Give her a big hug for me will ya!! Thanks so much Doc for your enchanting tale and your incredibly creative and beautiful project! hugs :)

  2. Love love love this!!!
    It's full of magic, love, labour and poetry! Just perfect!

    Big hug,
    Claudia xxx

  3. Fantastic post, really magical! Love your Jazzy! Hugs, Valerie

  4. I am sitting here, just smiling, firstly at your gorgeous little Jaz, who is adorable! You were both very lucky to have found that Pixie coffin whilst digging in the garden - and what a beautiful coffin it is too.... I love the story, the sword is fantastic and the gem on the front is so beautiful - I wonder if it has super powers - have you tried rubbing it?? A totally wonderful and magical creation Niki! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. OMG, Niki, I don't know where to start! That Pixie coffin is jaw droppingly awesome and super cool and amazing and fabulous! Your sword is a masterpiece and I adore that eye emblem on the front! I so enjoyed reading the story and I am secretly hoping to find something like this in my yard! This piece is magical and your creativity is endless! I absolutely love this brilliant coffin, my sweet friend!
    Jaz is super adorable! You know how much I love dogs :) Give her a hug for me too, please!
    Lots of love to you and Jaz! Branka xx

  6. Fantastic project Niki! Thanks so much for using one of our pieces on your project. Love the colours you've used. Thanks for playing along on the Southern Ridge Trading Company Blog!
    -Katelyn DT member at Southern Ridge Trading Company

  7. LOL you are an imaginative human! Thank you, Jaz, for your help. This is very cool, and an interesting concept.

  8. You need to find somewhere to publish your pixie story, Niki, because it's the most fabulous tale!! You are so amazingly creative in so many ways!! Oh, I just love this story!! I was enraptured reading!! The pixie coffin is amazing!! I love the design on the outside!! The inside is spectacular!! I adore the sword, the note, the magic potion...every single detail is perfection!! As much as I love it, my most favorite part of your post is the sweet picture of Jazmin!! I just want to pick her up and hug her!! She's so sweet and adorable!! Have a great day my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. Oh Niki you had me completely captured with this story, - I was seriously and totally taken in by it, it was only halfway through that I "got it". Wow, what an amazing creation, both the out- and the inside, - truly stunning!!!

  10. Oh this is so fab! such a great idea, and beautifully put together. x

  11. Oh my! I have so missed visiting here - my punishment for being away from home so much! The connection at our caravan is just sooo bad! You had me hanging on your every word until I realised that such fabulous details could only be yours! What a wonderful story! So pleased you joined us at Try It On Tuesday this time! Chrisx

  12. What a brilliant and magical project Nikki! You are very talented.
    Your sweet Jaz is adorable!
    Thank you for joining us at Try It On Tuesday. Mar xx

  13. Mesmerizing tale of fairies and their fathers and digging and discovering! I love how you picked apart that coffin to see how it was made--you are a girl after my own heart! Even though I knew it was a Niki story, I was STILL on the edge of my seat reading it, wondering if you were going to find the fairy child hiding behind the satin bed or perhaps if you rubbed the little vials! Your talents extend way beyond paint and paper...your writing is fantastic and set design incredible! Loves this little coffin with it's beautiful decor on the outside and it's well appointed interior! Oh,,I be it was so much fun to make! Big hugs, my crafty, literary genius friend! Give that sweet muffin a squeeze for me--Jaz is ADORABLE!

  14. A post full of enchantment - I hope the pixies don't mind you sharing the contents of their secret hidey hole with us! A wonderful tale to go with a wonderful creation.
    Alison x

  15. Absolutely gorgous - full of magic! Thank you for joining Try It On Tuesday!
    oxo Susi

  16. Little Jaz is ADORABLE - I just want to get some kisses from her!!! And your garden is going to be sooo lovely when you are through Niki. And your coffin - WOW - what an amazing story. Being the naive person that I am... at first I thought you and Jaz really DID dig it up - eheheheh - dear me!! My imagination just went right along side your story line until I finally realized it was much to pretty to have come from a digging!!! Totally in love with your story though and think you should just go right on into making it a sweet little Pixie book for the holiday!!! What en genius items you put inside and how lovely you designed the inside and outside too. SUCH A TREAT - thank you so much for the FABULOUS creativity and adventure. Xj.

  17. Beautiful project. Love the design. Thank you for joining us at Creative ARtiste this month. Judy DT

  18. I got a little bit lost in the story, but the project is very cool!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  19. Me again...just had to take another close look at this brilliant make of yours!!!
    And I'm here to say thanks for playing along with us at Emerald Creek Dares! ;)

    Claudia x

  20. Oh Niki! You are the most amazing person I know! I love your clever story and design. What an amazing take on our friendship theme. Big hugs, Autumn

  21. Love it !!!! Thanks for playing at Mixed Media Place challenge ❤️

  22. Love your coffin, fabulous texture and dimension. Tracy x

  23. What a fabulous creation, love both the beautiful Pixie coffin and the wonderful story that accompanies it! Thanks so much for joining us at Emerald Creek Dares this month and thanks as well for the picture of Jazz, she is adorable! Deb xo

  24. Love this coffin Niki! All the elements work fantastic together! Thanks for joining us on the Emerald Creek Dares Blog!
    - Katelyn DT member at Emerald Creek

  25. WOW ! Fantastic project. Thank you for playing at Mixed Media Place challenge

  26. Thank you for your participation for the challenge of the month on MMP blog!!

  27. Amazing project!! Thank you for playing with us at Mixed Media Place challenge.

  28. Awesome art, so very different to what I expected when I scrolled down and saw pixie coffin: so something learnt or re-learnt not to judge the book by it's cover lol! Now your find is absolutely stunning, love all the wee details and I am a faerie fan and believer myself. As for your beautiful wee dog she's beautiful hun and I thought it was a puppy lol xx